Cluedom is a one of a kind word game that tests your knowledge and skills by solving word puzzles.

We took care of product design and front-end development, making the user experience fantastic thanks to the minimal and uncluttered UI but at the same time playful and captivating.

Our role
Research, Branding, Product Design, Development

React.js, React native, Typescript, Push notifications, In app purchase, Detox (Test E2E, Cloud functions (Firebase), Firestore (Firebase), Big query, Github actions

Energy and vivacity

To design the brand, we started with the letter O of Cluedom and transformed it into a circle, which indicates the operator present in each level. By combining the main word and the word to guess, we have created the stylized shape of each puzzle in the game.

A game that seduces

The chosen palette is dynamic and captivating, perfectly in line with the identity of the game. We have in fact selected a bright gradient of colors, able to involve and stimulate every player.

We also designed several operators from scratch. They are intended to help the player guess the final word of the puzzle.

Two exciting game modes

Cluedom offers two modes, Story mode and Challenge mode. Both modes have the same goal, to win and become the Ruler of the word.


Story Mode

Challenge yourself with hundreds of levels to play in story mode, each realm brings with it new levels that will be a challenge for even the most demanding puzzle lovers.

crossed swords

Challenge Mode

Create a Challenge and challenge your opponents in a word duel at the last second. Compare your score with that of your challengers and reach the top of the leaderboard. Search for your opponents or send the link to your friends and challenge them. Let the battle begin!

Challenge yourself and others with hundreds of levels

In Challenge mode you can challenge your friends or other players in a word duel at the last second. Accumulate more points than your opponents and reach the top of the leaderboard. The goal is to become the Sovereign of the word.

A clear game at first glance

To make each phase of the game clear, we have effectively highlighted parts of the puzzle, guiding the player from the start to victory. You won't be able to stop playing!

A playful and captivating landing

We wanted to engage the user through a playful and captivating landing page. We focused not only on the visual part, but also on the small animations. Our aim is to excite the player in the crucial stages of the game.

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