Cryptic cup

Cryptic cup is a game that tests reasoning and intuition skills by proposing cryptic questions.

We worked on product design and front-end development, making the experience fantastic thanks to interaction design features with ad-hoc animations.
The layout is now intuitive and orderly, and the interaction is smooth and pleasant.

Our role
Research, Branding, Product Design, Development

React native, Typescript, Redux


Cubed solutions

Compared to classic crossword puzzles, Cryptic Cup does not cross the definitions between them, but requires the filling of individual boxes. We developed the brand starting from the square, the basic element of every crossword puzzle, and we transformed it into a cube. The color that fills it indicates the right solution.


Energy and vivacity

We started from scratch to design the brand, organizing weights, shapes and position in space. The logo is fresh and vital, enriched by an animation that conveys energy and vivacity.

Seduced by the game

The chosen palette is dynamic and appealing, perfectly in line with the identity of the game. We have in fact selected a bright gradient of colors that can involve and stimulate each player.


Two colors, two modes

Cryptic Cup provides two different modes, Solo and Contest. We decided to associate the green color to the Solo section and the blue to Contest, to characterize and distinguish each flow in a clear and linear way.

Solo, a cryptic story

We have designed the whole of the Solo game mode, providing simple and intuitive interactions. Each player can in fact decide to start with a free challenge or to buy a paid one. At the same time, it is possible to insert filters to select a new game or complete an already started one, choose an author or a specific difficulty level.



If the player is struggling during the game, he or she can choose whether to go to the next question, see the list of all the questions or receive a small suggestion to reach victory. After all, finding all the solutions is not that simple!


Contest, an open race

Contest mode provides a weekly challenge with other online users. Thanks to the well-balanced visual hierarchy, each player can evaluate their personal statistics, compare them with those of the previous game’s winner and quickly view when a new contest will start. All that remains is to start the challenge!


A clear game at first glance

To make each stage of the game clear and simple, we have effectively used colors and buttons to guide the player from start to victory.

An animated game

We have designed and developed some animations within the game, in order to involve and excite players even more in the crucial phases of the game.

Immediate results

During the contest, each player can check the list of all the questions in the Question list section. Once the race is over, players can discover their position in the Leaderboard, comparing their performances with those of other users, and can challenge other players in a last-second race in the Faster Fingers ranking.

A seductive landing

We wanted to involve the user through a dynamic and engaging landing page. Our aim is to stimulate the player visually and mentally, combining fun with logic.

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