IMG43 is an online platform that provides access to free, professional and licensed photos and videos.

Users can download the contents simply by following the author on Instagram. We have designed the guidelines to define an essential and neat design, to give the right emphasis to the images and their beauty.

Our role
Research, Branding, Product Design, Development

Javascript, Typescript, React.js, Node.js, NestJS, MongoDB, SCSS, Webpack.

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Clear and well-defined, as we like it

The brand has a fresh and powerful character thanks to a bright gradient colors, but at the same time it is linear and elegant.

Building an identity

We started out defining the guidelines based on three main characteristics: openness, brightness and linearity. The visual language we have chosen is neat but catchy.


Let the images speak

A clean layout allows to focus exclusively on the images, providing a plain and tidy display. The detail of each content includes technical information, tags and categories, and shows similar photos or videos using an algorithm.

We encourage discovery

The catalog was organized in a way that inspires and encourages exploration. We have added smart categories that collect the most viewed and most downloaded content, as well as personal feed.

The perfect search

A predictive algorithm allows to quickly identify tags and categories, making the content search very precise and specific.

Also designed for those behind the lens

The platform has also been designed for those who create and share contents. With a simple drag and drop, the user can upload photos or videos entering at the same time all the necessary information.

User profile, a story by images

The user profile includes information about the author, with links to the site and the Instagram page, and the number of the most viewed and most downloaded contents. We have designed an essential interface that allows images to talk about their author and his or her style.

Personal statistics, simple and intuitive

We believe simplicity is the basis of everything, even when we talk about data to show. We made the analysis of personal statistics easy to read and understand, this leave more time to have fun and create.

Climb up to the top

We have created a system that can check the performance of each content and user, thus defining a weekly, annual and historical ranking.

The same experience, on mobile.

We create a platform that fits naturally into smaller screens and the navigation menu has been completely redesigned and reorganized. Everything is at your fingertips.

It’s all in the details

We always take care of every single detail to offer users the best possible experience. We decided to redesign the photo detail allowing users to be able to choose and download images in a simpler and faster way.

Gorgeous, everywhere

We have organized the amount of contents of the Explore section in an ingenious way. The challenge was to keep the visualization intact without altering the initial structure. The result is an easy to use and intuitive interface. And gorgeous, of course.

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