Materia is a concept store in which a total revolution will take place every six months and a different living project will be presented.

We designed the site by choosing a minimal, uncluttered and modern design.

Our role
Research, Branding, Product Design, Development

React.js, Gatsby.js, Vercel, NetlifyCMS

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The natural colors of the material

The colors of the material, intended as a primordial substance, were an inspiration in the choice of the shades we decided to use. Natural tones that instinctively led us not to deviate from the concept we wanted to emphasize.

Neat and clear, just the way we like it

To design the brand we started from the basic concept of what Matter is, a place where ideas take shape, aiming at the avant-garde and the unexplored towards innovative concepts and solutions.

We started from scratch, organizing weights, shapes and position in space. The logo is clean and tidy. The concept to be conveyed is that Matter is not space beyond the sky, Matter is space beyond ideas.

Once the colors have been chosen and the logo designed, we have created mockups that best represent what Materia wants to convey: principle, space, form and rebirth.

Black focuses on the details

The choice of black as the main color helps to focus attention on the main contents and make the graphic layout more orderly and minimal.

The About page explains in great detail what the concept of Matter comes from, passing from the abstraction of the idea to the concreteness of the element.

A museum to be discovered

We designed the entire site starting from the concept of making the user experience just as if it were inside a museum to be discovered and for this, we have dedicated a page for each individual project, with photos, description and a card dedicated to the artists who structured the project.

From mobile to desktop

The mobile user experience is not compromised. The site was designed to fit a smaller screen, the challenge was not to alter the initial structure. The result is a neat and clean interface

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