Sicura is an insurance brokerage company, offering advice for families, retirees and small businesses. We designed the brand and the landing, present the agency and its at its best.

Our role
Research, Branding, Product Design

React.js, Gatsby.js

Your guarantee of protection

The services offered by Sicura adapt to each customer and best match the needs of the person in terms of safety and tranquility.

Sicura at first sight

Color is the most important aspect to involve the user both mentally and physically with the product. The colors chosen present values ​​such as: trust, security, calm, tranquility and stability.

A volcano that protects

The logo consists of the logotype and a figurative sign, the symbol, which recalls Etna seen from above, a shield volcano that overlooks the city of Catania. The four arrows, together, represented dynamism, the shape of a shield and the shape of the volcano.

A landing that gives you security

We wanted to engage the user through a clean but at the same time captivating landing page that conveyed a sense of security, security and tranquility.

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