Spedity is a free, fast and secure application that brings together carriers with shippers.

We designed a platform that allows users to set up a request in few seconds, easily and quickly. Users can find and organize all their deliveries and manage all their documents in a tidy and distraction-free interface.


We worked to create design guidelines that easily communicate to a broader target audience, improving the values behind the company. These guidelines allow discovering new attributes: quality, authenticity and approachability.


We used two distinct type of icon sets. The first, a standard set of line icons, has the sole purpose of represents actions to help the platform’s navigation.


The second set of icon was designed by ourself to represent each type of vehicles in the “Transport request” section of the platform and on the map's results. As the platform supports different vehicles, the point was creating a homogeneous family of iconographic illustrative elements for an immediate association.

We believe we created an awesome user interface that gives hierarchy and consistency. It is bold, tidy and readable at the same time.

Each request has a colour that changes based on the status of the delivery: black for “Scheduled", light blue for ”On retreat”, purple for "On delivery”. When the order is delivered, the color is green.

The user can easily have access to his dashboard and have full informations about each request like its time of arrival or its historic.

We designed a landing page that gives a clear message for a complex product. We also realized some landing pages to convince users to become a driver or a partner.

site screen.

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