Tale is an application that allows you to convey an emotion through words and images.

Our role
Research, Branding, Product Design, Development

React.js, React native, Typescript, Java, Swift, Scrollmagic


Chapter I: the emotion of a story

Each image tells the story of a moment, of an emotion. Tale is an application that allows you to share every memory, creating a story through images and words.

Chapter II: creating an identity

Tale’s logo is a T formed by fragments of various colors and shapes, which represent the different moments of a story. Each emotion is a fragment that joins the others to convey all the nuances of a memory.

Chapter III: the perfect frame

We designed the application to simplify and support the writing of a story in images. In fact, Tale features a series of layouts which are perfect for framing each story: you just have to think about which emotion you want to share and tell.


Chapter IV: variations on the theme

Each story is presented in a unique and personal way. You can choose whether to select different layouts within the same tale or whether to change the text or images. Each album represents your way of experiencing memories and emotions.


Chapter V: a private or shared story

There are stories that are meant to be treasured and others that are meant to be told and shared. With Tale you can decide to create personal stories and keep them private or share the album in your Instagram stories. You can also choose to have your story always at hand, by exporting a single page or the whole of it outside the application.


A dynamic landing

We have designed a landing page trying to retrace the salient passages of the app, as if we were using it, in such a way as to arouse in the user emotions through small fragments that join together, thus creating stories.

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