Taskhunters app is a virtual community that lets busy people find students and assign them tasks to be solved.

The app was hard to use and understand. There were a lot of students interested in doing tasks but on the other side people were scaried and not easliy involved in creating tasks. Also a lot of people didn't trust the platform. We have simplified all user flows and designed an eye-catching visual restyling. The restyling allowed us to make the platform reassuring. With the redesign of all the flows we have introduced features that allow users to find out more information and get in touch with each other in an easier and more direct way.


We started from the basics, after analyzing the flows and the functionalities we went on to verify that the design guidelines had a solid foundation. We have made the color palette more homogeneous by slightly veering the colors and completely revised the typographic part of the app.


To design well we are convinced we need a method, our plans to create a design system that contains all the elements for the design of the product. The design system must transmit the how, but also the why, so that the elements are consistent on their own, but specially together.

A large number of users did not proceed to registration, probably confused by the fact of being able to register both as Tasker (the one who performs the tasks) and Requester (those who instead request it). We simplified the process, eliminated the superfluous elements and simplified the interface to a minimum, ensuring that the result was clean and tidy but pleasant.

With the help of the talented Giulia Zoavo we gave more character to taskhunters thanks to her wonderful illustrations. It was decided to welcome newly registered users, explaining in three quick steps what the app can do.

Analyzes users were suspicious especially in the creation of the task. We have completely redesigned the initial screen for requester users. We designed it to eliminate the confusion of the old version, making it neat and clean. Giulia Zoavo's illustrations with the colors of the categories make this screen very pleasant and the data proved us right, the number of tasks created increased immediately.

Another problem we solved is the confusion between the various states of a task. We made sure that the tasks were all within the same screen and we divided them with an always present filter. We also changed the task card by showing only important information based on the state it is in.

Regarding the confusion between different types of users we made sure that the user in tasker mode has a colored tab bar while the requester will have a white colored tab bar. We also redesigned map pins and task preview in map search mode.

For the problem concerning user trust we made sure that both types of users have a complete profile with all the information that can give security and confidence. Students have a list of checks, such as mobile number, university mail or link to the facebook account as well as reviews for each task that has done. The requester user has a list of the tasks he has created and also for him a list of the reviews he has received. For both users it is also reported how long ago they were online the last time and an average response time.

The visualization experience was identical both for those who had created the task and for those who wanted perform it, this was not good. We made the experience better, the interface is not completely different, indeed very similar, but the user requester has the ability to quickly modify the task created and to see the offers received as well as accepting or rejecting them. The tasker user, on the other hand, has a quick link to the profile of the user who created the task, and a preview on the map where the task will be performed.

One of the improvements we are most proud of is conversations. We have made them cleaner and more readable but the best is yet to come. We have made sure that all requests made by users appear within the conversation. Users are then able to see a preview of the offer received (or made) and able to accept or reject directly frome here without necessarily having to go back to the task detail.

Communications with users are really important, so we designed different e-mail templates for any tipe of notification o news.

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