Taskhunters for Business is a virtual marketplace that lets companies find students and assign them tasks to be solved.

Companies and students have a really different point of view, the challenge was to design a solution to let them collaborate. We made it institutional but cool and above all clear and easy to use.


At this initial phase of the design process, our ideas are still blooming and require a lot of work. Wireframing serves to establish the relationship between elements, allowing you to decide on the website’s navigation and structure without major consequence.

The next step was designing style guidelines. The new design language follows the brand's character but now includes a new personality: the platform isn't only institutional but also youthful and clear.


The difference between something good and something great is the attention to details. For this reason, we worked with "pixel-perfect" precision, designing something amazing.

We designed the entire on-boarding process to allow users, in few simple steps, to create and set their account, according to their fields of competence and availability.

Students and companies have dedicated dashboards that immediately shows stats and the most important news about their activity, allowing to increase the interaction with the platform.

We designed Taskhunters for business to let companies easily create tasks and manage students who applied and have all the informations about them.

Student's profile shows everything that companies are looking for as bios, skills and reviews. Students can add an intro message to their applications to stand up from the crowd catching the attention of recruiters.

The payment process is automatized and companies can explore all their data and information inside the platform but they can also export everything with few clicks.

Find a design language that can easily adapt to both students and companies is not that easy. We tried hard and we ended up with two landing pages that show with a clear and nice interface the right informations to both user types.


Communications with users are really important, we designed different e-mail templates for sign-ups, general communications, advertising and also a business e-mail template.

email templates

To create something exceptional, we have been focused on the smallest details. Inputs, dropdowns, modals, graphs, buttons, typography: all of these elements have been thoroughly studied to look good on their own and matching perfect together creating something really consistent.

ui elements

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