Togenesis is an entire ecosystem of products which communicate each other to implement a circular flow to generate resources, not waste.

We designed a completely new look and a seamless experience for the entire ecosystem. The brand, the website, the store, the apps, the dashboards and an innovative totem, elements that will help Togenesis manage a large number of people and improve the environment together.

Our role
Research, Branding, Product Design, Development

React.js, React native, Typescript, Redux, Redux saga, Bluetooth Integration, Java, Typescript, Nest.js, PostgreSQL, JWT, Socket, AWS RDS, AWS Amplify, AWS EC2 (Linux)

A digital ecosystem

For more than a year we have been helping Togenesis to design an entire digital ecosystem that offers citizens a dedicated mobile app and for companies that manage waste recycling, a tablet app with a mobile support, to make withdrawals easier to manage.

Nature meets Technology

We started by creating a color palette which was in line with the Togenesis’s identity, we took some colors from the nature and digitized them, selecting a bright color gradient, able to involve and make every step easier for the user.

We then studied the Togenesis brand in great detail, starting from the circular shape that represents the genesis and the letter T which, combined with it, closes the circle between citizens, producers and waste management companies.

Once we have chosen the colors and designed the logo, we created mockups to better show the message that Togenesis wants to communicate.

Step by step

It is important to let users understand what features Togenesis offers to make the world a better place, and for that we have created an illustrated walkthrough.

Start by recycling your waste easily in just a few steps

We have created a booking flow that leads the user to recycle waste in a few steps and get points in return.

The user can make a request for multiple objects belonging to the same category with a single request, easily.

The user gets points through each contribution and can redeem them by choosing a reward from the Togenesis store.

An innovative Totem

The totems provide statistics on how well citizens are doing for the environment and how much CO2 they are avoiding using Togenesis.

In addition, the Totem provides QRCode stickers that citizens must apply on the items they wish to recycle.

We didn't stop there

We then designed a digital system that allows companies to better manage reservations.

The driver, through the app, can connect to the tablet and have a complete view of the collections to be made through the map.

In addition, drivers can scan the QRCode sticker on the request item.

We’ll continue to make the world a better place

After we designed a totally new experience for the app together with Togenesis, we are still working with them to improve functionality based on customer feedback.

Together we believe that every single effort can change the lives of millions of people for a better world. This is just the beginning of a long journey towards this goal.

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